#10 Web Site Search and Evaluation


Website Evaluation:

1. Read all the directions here first, then go to http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com/mc/

2. Explore different websites you like until Mr. Litt tells you to stop.

3. Go to the “comments” link on the bottom of this post. Leave a reply and tell me two of your favorite sites and grade them A, B, C, D or F by this:

*Were they easy to use

*Did it teach you anything?

*Was it fun?






F=Not good at all

Grade them in these categories:


Learn anything?



17 Responses to “#10 Web Site Search and Evaluation”

  1. Selena Torres Says:

    Fourth of July at USA.gov I would not call it easy so I give the easy I give a B. The learning I give a A. And the fun I give a D. Kidzbop.com is b=very easy so I give that an A. Learn anything no so F. Yes it is very fun you can listen to music so i give that an A.

  2. http://www.kidzbop.com/ is really cool because you could here the kids singing and they sing some of my favorite songs and i love kids pop videos its is cool to explor the kip pop i always wanted to go to the website and now i did and its really cool i really recomended it

  3. http://www.funnypictures.org/default.aspx I give this website a b because it wasn’t all funny

  4. what i had found out was about this web site that is called bling easy. they teaach you step by step to add stuff into your picture. you could write stuff like best friends 4 ever and all of those cool stuff. i would give them a scale from 1 through 5 and i will give it a 3 and a half. and i learn how to tag them and you could put it on your acount

  5. http://www.kidzbop.com/ Kidz bop is about lots of music and it is very fun for us kids and it is easy to get to.Fourth of July is about Independence day because you can learn lots from Independence day.Also cause i like the fourth of july firecrackers.

  6. web.mlsnet.com/index.jsp

    that place is very cool because I like soccer.

  7. http://www.kidzbop.com/

    This is the website I picked.

  8. http://www.soccer-training-info.com/



    These websites about soccer are great because you could buy soccer tickets and learn how to play soccer and what you need to play it.

  9. http://www.funnypictures.org/default.aspx
    ………the Traveling CAT!……………..

  10. i give my website a c

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