8th Grade Girls 11/6/09


8th Grade Girls, respond to this….

As a “comment”, tell me….

1. How are you today (be honest)?

2.Who are you working with on the “Poll” assignment?

3. Tell me one thing Positive about school (dig deep, you can do it).

4. Tell me one thing that is a negative experience for oyu at school.


31 Responses to “8th Grade Girls 11/6/09”

  1. 1)today i am happy because i am doing something after school.
    2) on the poll i am working with reyna
    3)one thing that is good about my school is that we have great computers
    4)one bad thing is that we have homework support

  2. i am feeling really bored and tired . i am working with my friends ermelinda,sofia denise, and jennifer . one thing thats good about school is that i get to hang out with my friends in recess. One thing that is negative about school is that i have to wake up early and work on books.

  3. I feel god today, thanks for asking. I am working with Margarita, Selene, Hayley, and Jessica. One thing positive about school is, we have an awesome Tech teacher =]
    One thing negative about our school is that we don’t get the freedom to wear whatever we want.

  4. I’m feeling tired.I’m working with Denise, Gaby, Jennifer,and Linda.One thing good about the school is that I get to hang out with my best friends.One thing that is negative about this school is that theirs lunch detention and I don’t get along with everybody in school.

  5. Im tired and bored, im working with my peeps, Gaby, Sofia, Jenny,and linda
    One thing that is positive about school is that i get to hang out with my Friends, one thing negative is that i have to see some people every day that i dislike( some students & teachers)

  6. I am doing good today. i am working with Kimberly & Maricela on the “Poll” assignment. One thing that is good about school is that i get to hang around with my friends and play sports. A negative experience at school was when my friend and i fell down.

  7. HAyLEy Cobb$ Says:

    hey mr. littleman.

    1.[[ i am 13 years 0ld t0day.]]

    2. [[ i am w0rking with $elene;;MARGARita;;Je$$ica && SUSan]]

    3.[[ i L0ve schOOl becAUSe it prepares me 4 life. like when i get old like you=]

    4. [[ SO mUCH dRamA pEOPLE ARE q0inq thROUGH tO MANy chaNGEZ[[PUBERty]] && some qirlZ are qettiNq.]]

    i hate SkOO!!!!!!

  8. alejandra Says:

    i am really mad because i feel sleepy and i have been having a bad morning.
    i am working with by best frend rosa and my friend maribel.
    i hate this school one positive thing about this school is that we get to go outside for lunch.
    one negative thing of school is… EVERYTHING
    especially the uniform

  9. MaRlEnE Romero Says:

    im WoRkInG wItH mAriA m.
    sChOoL iZ bOrinG.Im GooD mR.LitT
    OnE pOsiTivE tHinG IZ ThAt mY fRenDz Are Here

  10. ErMeLiNdA Says:

    I’m very well and bored tire to
    I’m working with Jennifer Gaby Denise and Sofia
    one positive is the teachers are helping us to see a high school
    one negative is that school lunch is bad and we have homework

  11. Jennifer Velasquez Says:

    1. i am good.
    2. I’m working with Gabi,Sofia,Denise, and Ermelinda.
    3. our teachers are helping us to find a good high school.
    4. if we don’t do our homework we get homework support.

  12. to day i feel bad becuse the teachers are annyioing!!!!!!!!!!! i am working with me marleen, fattia, and angleina. the good thing about school is u get to be with ya friends.. the bad thing iz that they give uss tooo much school and it is bad sooo yea

  13. im gOOd mr. littt


    Im working with Marlene ;]

    oNe positive thinG iS thaT wErE leaving nEXT yEAR

    A neGative thinG is thAt is boring n hated

  14. I am sad because i am moving in a couple of weeks,and I am not coming to this school

  15. marlen chavez Says:

    {bad because i’m sick!!!!}:]

    i”M woRkiNggg wiT LizEttE FaTheHia And Ang!

    MMMM$ iDonT kNow??? mAbey Tat I get 2 bE wiTT ma FrienDzz$

    Tat We gEt hOmewOrkk And tAt Izz Sow Like BorinG lol!!!

  16. margarita Says:

    I am so gud for like an hour cuzz i dranked a energy drinkand it got me hyper.=]
    so now am okay..!!!ANDAM SITTIN NEXT TO $ELENE…OHHH YYEEEAAAA!!!!!!!!
    My parterns are Selene,HAYLEY,susan andjessica n ME.!
    something possitive is that is funny when teacher’z get mad=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]
    something NEGATIVE iz that i am a verry lazy person n i dont do all my homework ..=]


  17. ErMeLiNdA Says:

    I’m very well and bored tire to
    I’m working with Gaby Jenifer Denise and Sofia
    one positive is the teachers are helping us to see a high school
    one negative is that school lunch is bad and we have homework

  18. velazquez jessica Says:

    hey mr. litt,
    i’m 14 years old t0day!!!
    i’m w0rkin wit [$]elene, hayley, margarita, and [$]u[$]an yup:)
    0ne p0sitive thing i have ab0ut this sko0l iz dat we get 2 meet go0d, ko0l people.
    one negative thing ab0ut sko0l iz dat we were unif0rm!!:(

  19. kimberly.l. Says:

    today i am very good and having fun in tech . i am working with my two friends Maricela and Sandra. 1 positive thing about school is that i learn new things that can be interesting & lunch. they give you to much homework and that SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! school basicly sucks!!!!!!!

  20. i agree with u Denise and Sofia

  21. i agree with u JENNIFER, & MARLENE.

  22. [$]eLeNe=] Says:

    Im fEeLiN; qOoD tOdAy CaUsE iM siTtInq NeXt To Ma aMiGa MaItA!; oUr PoLl AsSIgNmEnt iS kOo nD CrEatIvE mA pArTeRs ArE mAiTa;) jE$$IcA=’ ND HaYlEy Nd SuSaN![[SoMeThINq PoSiTiVe BoUt; Da; SkOo Is tHaT SoMeTiMeS sChOoL cOUlD Be Fun=/..sOmEtHing nEgAtIvE iS dA food! nd some students! eww

  23. Yea Susan one thing negative about school is we dont have the freedom of wearing anything we want

  24. Maria Hernandez Says:

    i am sad that my uncle died and sometimes i am feeling happy because i am going to my ants house that i could see my twins cousins

  25. im hungry N happy. im workin wit marlen lyzzette N fatehia. skoolis anoying but i only go because my frends go. 1 thing that i dont like about skool is the teachers N the homework. skool SUCKZ

  26. i m not feelin good cuz im gettin sick. im workin wit marlene lyzette nd angelina. it haz good frens here. i dont like da uniform.

  27. hey Hayley that is something Mr.Litt should not be knowing about. Lol xPP

  28. hi mr.litt today i’m very sad, bored, and sick
    in the poll assignment i’m working with zendy
    one positive thing i have to say about school is that ms. makhija is cool and i like her class
    and i have a lot of negatives things to say about school and one of them is that i don’t like what we are studying in math.

  29. im mad n in workin wit marlen n fatehia n lyzzette. skool is watevr i only go2 see my frends. skool sukckz n i hate it

  30. maricela A. Says:

    today i feel very good its a nice day. i am working with kimberly and sandra for this poll. One positive thing about school would have to be hanging out with my friends. One negative thing about school is that that we have to sit down on a chair for a long time it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. today is a tired day because at the end of the period i have the more bored class.In my poll I am working with my friend ANITA. One thing positive about the school is that I have so much fun in my classes. And one thing negative is that always I have a lot of homework and I never finished.

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