7th grade Power Point Assignment 11/13 through 11/18


Assignment: Make an Instructional Power Point

Make a power point to instruct people on the topic of carrying heavy weights safely.

Use the words below for each slide, so there should be 5 slides in your presentation. Use any background you like. Find images for each slide.

The tone of your presentation should be serious and not “frilly” or funny.

1. Size up the load and determine if you can lift it alone, or if you should ask for help.

2. Stand close to the load with your feet wide apart.

3. Bend at the hips and knees, not your waist. This helps keep your center of balance and enables your strong leg muscles to do the lifting.

4. Hug the load. The closer the load is to your body, the less pressure it will put on your back.

5. Squat down when you set the load down. Bend at the hips and knees, and arch your lower back in.


3 Responses to “7th grade Power Point Assignment 11/13 through 11/18”

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