8th Grade Poll Assignment

Write a letter using the text below in red. We will work on the percents together, fill in the number of students and adults you polled.

Use letter form, ask if you don’t know what that looks like or go to en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Letters to see a sample.

After you have your letter written, print it and print your spreadsheet pivot table. Staple together:

1. Letter on top

2. Print out of Spreadsheet pivot table

3. Original data

Here’s the letter to write

Advisory Council,

We would like you to consider a request from us students. We would like  (you state your request here)         .

We polled (number) students and (number) adults from the ASCEND community. As a sampling of ____% of our community our results show that ____% of students polled and _____% of parents polled were in favor of our request.

We are including our polls. We asked each person polled to give their name so our data can be verified.

We look forward to your answer.


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