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Research Assignment

Posted in 8th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Girls on January 14, 2009 by littclass

For this assignment, download the worksheet from the link below that says “template-research2”.

1. Click on the link AND BE PATIENT!

2. When the “open” window comes up, choose “Save File”

3. When the download window opens, right click and open the worksheet in Open Office.

4. Be ready to work!



Editing Assignment Week of January 12, 2009 8th-7th Grade

Posted in 7th grade, 8th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Girls on January 6, 2009 by littclass

Easy Edits

1. COPY the first paragraph below (in red) and PASTE it onto a word processing document on Open Office.

2. READ the paragraph carefully for mistakes. There will be spelling, capitalization and grammar problems

3. CORRECT the mistakes. Each paragraph has ten mistakes.

4. Call me over to CHECK OFF your work.

Rubber Duck Voyagers

On a stormy journey in the North Pacific ocean, thousands of rubber ducks and other bathtub toys were lost when a container was sweeped off a ship. Free to rid the ocean waves since January 1992, many of those ducks have found their way to Alaskas shores others still remain at see. Scientists continue too search for lost ducks as a weigh to study ocean currents. Lucky finder’s of one of the ducks may claim a $100 reward!