#15 Sixth Grade Sub Assignment

walkFollow Directions, please read them carefully BEFORE doing the assignment.

1. Open your email and have a new email message to me at littclass@gmail.com open and ready.

2. Go to the site:http://www.swisseduc.ch/stromboli/volcano/virtual/index-en.html

3. Take the virtual tour of this italian volcano, look on the page for where to go, sometimes links are small. Learning how to navigate a web page is a good lesson, you can do it!

4. Each place the tour stops write a SHORT line about what you see, when you are done email it to me.

5. Go to http://wwwfreetypinggame.net, and click on the lessons tab or the games tab. Practice keyboarding for 15 minutes.

6. When you are done, play Tux Math. It is found by clicking the Application menu on top left of your screen, under games.


2 Responses to “#15 Sixth Grade Sub Assignment”

  1. the field trip is awsome to go visit sometimes we took rest, ate, andi went to climb the volcanoes when I saw the lizard i got scared then we went home to tell you the story.

  2. Mr.litt We never even did this yet and is this a real feild trip when did you do this maybe i waz absent and when did tech start bcuz i was absent the first day

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