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#23 Introducing Spreadsheets

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1. Download the sample spreadsheet by clicking on the image on the right.

2. You are going to learn how to copy this spreadsheet and make one yourself.

3. Follow Mr. Litt’s instructions, for those of you who want to start, here’s the basics….


First open a spreadsheet: Applications<Office<Open Office Spreadsheet

1. Notice how the columns are labeled “A”, “B”, “C” and so on. Move your cursor arrow on the line between the “B” and “C” on the top and you can stretch the “B” column by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it. Stretch the “C” column in the same way.

2. Fill in the spreadsheet EXACTLY as it appears in the example. Make sure you put the words in the same boxes, called “cells”, as they appear on the example, such as the word “Earth” appears in cell B4. That’s the 4th row in the “B” column.

3. When you are done, fill in the information according to the Zodiac sign poll we do in class and save the spreadsheet to the documents folder and email a copy to me at


#23 Sub Assignment 3/20

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robertjohsonMy apologies for being out still, my wife and the baby are doing better, but my wife is not nearly well enough to be left alone.

I did not get yesterday’s assignment from Kimberly, Zendy, Anita, Genoa, Paola, Jessica, Lyzette, Hayley, Maricela A., Fatehia, Alejandra, Rosa and Jennifer.


Your assignment:

1. Got to and keyboard for 15 minutes. Try lesson 2 today for variety. Keep those fingers on the homerow and eyes on the screen!

2. Go to this this website about Robert Johnson by clicking here. Answer these questions in an email to me at….


What is Robert Johnson famous for?

He’s considered the grandfather of what?

Tell a few words about “The Devil Legend” and Robert Johnson (found in the first few sentences of the “Devil Legend” section).

How did he die and how old was he?

Any thoughts or feelings about his life?


#22 Assignment 3/19

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Your assignment:

1.Go to and keyboard for 15 minutes.

2.Go to this website I made by clicking here. It’s a “my space” page for an historic person. You are going to make one in my class as our next project.

3. Review the site and answer these questions on an email to me at I will be watching who does their assignment from home.


a, What was Mao famous for?

b. Look at the pictures page, and tell me what did Mao write about?

c. Do you think Mao was feared or loved by the Chinese people?

d. Who was his best friend?

e. What did Lin Biao do?

f. Go to the links page and look at the link to Mao’s little red book. Find one quotation and tell me it.

#21 Eighth Grade Assignment-Digital Story

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survival31.Read all the directions first all the way through.

2. Do 15 minutes of keyboard practice. Go to

3.Watch the digital story by clicking the link below:

Digital Story Click Here

4. Go to this link about Kuwait.

Kuwait Wikipedia Link

5. Email me your response to these questions at


Our storyteller had five children and worked in a far away place. Tell me your feelings about this woman’s story in 3-5 sentences naming at least one example from the story. Do you think she was brave? Not very smart? Adventurous? Really cool? Up against too much to change?

Read the wikipedia page on Kuwait from the link given above. From the summary can you tell me what is the really outstanding, unique thing about Kuwait (it’s in the second paragraph)?

#20 Eighth Grade Assignment-Dictionary

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1.Go to “typeonline” and practice keyboarding in Lesson #1 or Lesson #2 for 15 minutes.

Typeonline link click here

2.Look up the words in a list below in an online dictionary.

3.Write a sentence for each word, as best you can, showing you know the definition.

4.Email the sentences to me. I will check them from home. Those students that do not turn in this assignment will finish it during free surf time, next week.

Click here for an online dictionary

Word List:







#19 Eighth Grade Assignment “What’s Important” 2

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1. Open the slide from the link below about Zheng He.

Click Here for Zheng He Slide

2. Use the links below to gather your information and complete the writing  on the slide.

3. Make sure your name is on the slide and print it when it is done. To print select menu “file”, choice, print.

#18 Eighth Grade Assignment “What’s Important”

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1. Go to your own email and open the writing you saved on Genghis Khan. Open the document and leave it open.

2. Download a slide from the link below labelled Genghis Khan, save it to your computer, then open it too, leaving it open. Remember to “save file” on the downloasd window, and do not choose “open”.

Genghis slide click here

3. Finish the sentences on the slide. Use your writing about Genghis Khan to do that. There are only 2 sentences to finish. Please make sure the sentences make sense and read well.

4. Save the slide and email it to me at Remember you have to attach the slide to your email using the “attach” button.