#21 Eighth Grade Assignment-Digital Story

survival31.Read all the directions first all the way through.

2. Do 15 minutes of keyboard practice. Go to www.typeonline.co.uk

3.Watch the digital story by clicking the link below:

Digital Story Click Here

4. Go to this link about Kuwait.

Kuwait Wikipedia Link

5. Email me your response to these questions at littclass@gmail.com


Our storyteller had five children and worked in a far away place. Tell me your feelings about this woman’s story in 3-5 sentences naming at least one example from the story. Do you think she was brave? Not very smart? Adventurous? Really cool? Up against too much to change?

Read the wikipedia page on Kuwait from the link given above. From the summary can you tell me what is the really outstanding, unique thing about Kuwait (it’s in the second paragraph)?


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