#22 Assignment 3/19


Your assignment:

1.Go to www.typeonline.co.uk and keyboard for 15 minutes.

2.Go to this website I made by clicking here. It’s a “my space” page for an historic person. You are going to make one in my class as our next project.

3. Review the site and answer these questions on an email to me at littclass@gmail.com. I will be watching who does their assignment from home.


a, What was Mao famous for?

b. Look at the pictures page, and tell me what did Mao write about?

c. Do you think Mao was feared or loved by the Chinese people?

d. Who was his best friend?

e. What did Lin Biao do?

f. Go to the links page and look at the link to Mao’s little red book. Find one quotation and tell me it.


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