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Skill Builders

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1. First practice keyboarding:

2. Play a keyboarding game:

3. Use this site to practice mental math, so start easy

4. This word game is a real vocabulary builder:


Personality Assessment Assignment

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Are you a Thinker? A Feeler?

There is a famous personality test called the Myers-Briggs test. It categorizes people into 16 types.


1.Take this free online Myers Briggs Test and have an email to me at littclass@gmail open and ready in another tab.

Myers-Briggs test link click here

2. When you finish tell me what your type is in the email. Go to one of the links that give you more details about your personality type. Read it and tell me:

a.)What are two things about your personality type you read?

b.) do you think these descriptions describe you?

Links for Computer Class

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