4/27 Kanani Group assignment

Click on the link below to download the document you will work from:



One Response to “4/27 Kanani Group assignment”

  1. What are the first impressions that you get from looking at this piece?
    (Alvin- What I get from looking at this photo is people having war and they want to fight with whoever get in their way.)

    What do you think the message is, and why?
    (I think the message shows is that they want to get people on their side and they will try to kill whoever does not want to be on their side. It looks like the people in the picture are yelling and holding their riffles up cause their mad. ` )

    How did the artist use text, color, and image to convey their meaning? Please include one example of each.
    Text – (The text is red. It is also said the year 1905 in red.)
    Color – (The color is red for the blood. The person that looks like the leader is very bright.)
    Image – (The image shows us how people go to war. It also show us that they used big bombs in the war. )

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