5th grade Garcia 11/20

puppies1More Creative Writing

Use your imagination and tell me……

How did these puppies get there?

Who put them there?

How will they get down?

Why were they put there?

What will happen to them next?


26 Responses to “5th grade Garcia 11/20”

  1. i think that they got up there because they climebed up there. they thought they were so cool that they got up there and they were wearing clothes. the next thing they new they were stuck. then a person came and took them. the were down aqnd they were safe. they got food and water.

  2. they hung up.sombody put them thier. Sombody take im off or they will rip thier way down. Tey maybe put theim thier for a punishment. Maybe thill run away.

  3. i think they had got in there by being bad. the mom had put them in there because they were acting really bad. so the mom said if you keep on being bad then you are going to be up there for a very long time and while you are at there you better be really quiet if you don’t you are not having your puppy chow. so be good while i run to the store. i got eyes like a snake. be good bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. then there mom had got back and they had got off because there was innasent like an angel. so they was happy and free like the wind.

  4. sidhartha taruc Says:

    Creative Writing

    These puppies looked like clothes. Then the maid hung them up. They will never get down. A robber will steel them.

  5. I think that they were put there because people might had wanted to take the skin. I think that Ashley put them there. They will get down if Fernanda wanted to kiss them all. The puppies were put there because Alaina wanted to hurt them. I think that more and more people who see them would take them into their home.

  6. The puppies climbed in the basket of clothes. The mom had put the clothes up and one of the puppies were in a shirt. The mom hung it up and the puppy stayed their forever. The mom did that for 8 puppies. The mom put the puppies there. The kids didn’t know about the puppies. So they kept on looking and looking, but nothing. It was about time they got their and found them. The kids will put all 8 of them down. There was 2 kids for puppies. So 2 of them each got 4. They were put there because they got into he laundry basket. What will happen next is if they get out again, they will get in trouble.

  7. I think the owner put them up there because they did not love them any more I think they went to the bathroom in the wrong spot. I think they would get down by chewing on the rope and letting them lose. They got up there as I said the owner did not love them anymore so they tied them together like ribs. They were put up there because I think they went to the bathroom in the wrong spot. When they get down the will run to the owner and bit them on the leg. And when they get down the will run together to find shelter and some food.

  8. someone put it and you think that you know who. maybe they climd .maybe they got down . they put them to drain. they got down so they could play. yhe could do alot of stof.

  9. The puppies got there by walking or running. Probably people saw the puppies and got push pins and hanged the up on a drying rope. The way they probably got down was that some other person saw them and got them down or the dogs figured it out how to get down. They were probably up there because they climbed up there or somebody put the puppies up there. What would happen now is that they would go somewhere and be free.

  10. elephants put them up there.
    they will get down by the lions.
    they were put up there because the elephant took there lunch money and he put them up there.
    they will be friends with the elephant.

  11. The lady who takes care of he dogs she said lets make this dogs clean and then she cut something and then she put them in the row. There will get down until they dry and when they are ready dry they could be dry. They were put there because they could be dry. What its gana happen is that they will get a shot.

  12. The puppies got there because they wanted to get them all worm up. The mom of the puppies put them there because the mom was mad at them. They will get doun by coting the roap. To get them to be quiet for the rest of the day. They will not talk.

  13. How the puppies got there is that the owners put on onesies on the the puppies for fun.The person who put them there was the owners. How the puppies will get down is they will bark. They were put there just for fun. Then they will eat.

  14. one time long ago there was a really mean man and he hated puppies and dogs. every time he saw a puppy he caught them and killed them or even eat them or put them in a rope tiil they die. one time a littlle girl had 8 new born puppies and the mean guy past trough the littles girls house and got the 8 puppies he got them and put them in the rope for they could shock and the puppies were really strong and try to bite the rope the 8 puppies were biting the rope.the dogs rip the rope and had tied the mean guy and left with the little girl. the mean guy went to jail for killing peoples dogs.the dogs were police officers .and the liitle girl well she was big she was a police to

  15. i think that the puppies got there becuase my mom put them there!!!!! i think that Selena.S put them there!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! i think there get down becuase Fernada will get them bown. i think they will get down beacuse i will get them off. My dad wiil get them off by KILLING THEM.

  16. I think that this puppy got there is that a person put them there. They belonged to a little girl and her name is Lola. They will get down when Lola get them down. I think that they got there because they were wet . I think that they going to be happy.

  17. Once there was 8 doggies in a house. They belonged to this girl named Lola. But lola had a very mean house keeper, her name was ms. Sheaba. She didn’t like the cute little puppies. One day the puppies were playing ball inside the house whiel ms. sheaba was sleeping. but all the puppies made a big mess. so when sheaba woke up she was supper supper mad. so she took the puppies outside and hung them were you hang the clothes. the poor little puppies were hanging there starving! one puppy used the toilet whiel they were hanging there! opps……but when lola came back from school she got them all down and also fed them. as soon as she found out it was sheaba she told her mom what had happened and got her fired. the cute little puppies were happy, safe, and sound. they all licked lola on the face!!! As for sheaba will now she works as a garbage lady, Hahahahahahahahahahahahah that’s what she gets!!!!!!!!

  18. Creative writing
    The Roberts robed the puppies and hanged them up so they can’t run away. The puppies are sad and bored, but they have each other. So they kept on moving so the shirt would rip and be free. Only one got off and it’s name is buddy. They ere free and they lived happily ever after.

  19. the puppies wer go to go to the house but then on the noter date so men came and pot the puppies on the enger and they get corewn get of the ting the they wer flafi so the fel don the tingi

  20. The way that they got up there was that they climbed up there or somebody got them and hanged the puppies up on a clothes string. The way they got up there was probably got up there was that the owner of them wanted them to be up there to rest. When they got down that was free.

  21. I think that a person put them there. I think that a person put them there. I think that a person will put them down. I think that so they can get dry.I think that they will now be cleen.

  22. The poppies got there because they wanted to get all worm. When they started getting hot they cry so the mom can get them down. When they get down they were all happy and they started to run all over the place.

  23. the dad was said wet the dogs because they was scratching the door .

  24. there owner put them there. when there owner come they will get them down. Because thy where doing dad things like scraching the door. they will get mad.

  25. mr litt im showing my mom in my confrance

  26. im showing my mom our blog you can delete this after

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