5th Grade Kanani Assignment 11/18


1.Go to yesterday’s assignment page and read some of the stories.

2. Comment on THREE of the stories.

Classes of mine in the past have commented on stories by:

1. Saying “I like your story” and tell one reason why

2. Saying “Your story made me feel good” and tell one reason why.

3. Saying “I liked your story because it was unusual” and tell one reason why

4. Saying “Your story was not really well written, but it came out sounding good” and tell one reason why

5. Saying “Your story made me laugh” and tell one reason why.

Put your response to three stories in the comment box


25 Responses to “5th Grade Kanani Assignment 11/18”

  1. I like Joshua’s story because the part of looking in her room can be true but were does the kitten even came from when her mom came back.
    I like monce’s story because running out the house to look for her kitten is what i will do if I cant find my dog.
    I like Eric’s story because it was unusual because how did the kitten just say meow and find the kitten that fast.

  2. hi Estrella I liked your story because you had a lot of detail and you wrote a lot. I like your story because you maid a sens not like other people.

  3. I like the part when the cat is named Bella and when she ask nice if she can get her cat back.This is Estrellas

    I like it when she wakes up and knows to brush her teeth when she wakes up.This is Joshua.

  4. Natalie your story was great because it was long and it made sense. Fernando your story was great to because even though it wasn’t a happy ending it made sense and at least the little girl was safe.

  5. Amador Alvarez Says:

    Hey Oscar I like your story because it’s well described.

  6. I liked Vanessa’s story because I think it was good. Also Vanessa’s story was sad because she cry.

  7. I liked jenny’s because it was good but it had to much miss spelld words , and also Natali’s because it was rely nice . And i also like my own because for me it has detail

  8. i like your story id sad because the kitten dies at the end. i think josh story is silly because of the brush your teeth. i like jesse’s story because i sound like if it wasn’t made u it sounds real

  9. I liked your story Natalie it was cool and good. Your story was long and good.

  10. Estrella, I like your story because you gave lots of details and it was interesting too.

    Monce, Your story made me laugh a little because she was looking for nothing.

    Jacky, i liked your story because it was unusual. Her cat was up on the roof.

  11. I like Vanessa’s story because she typed a lot. It was not really written well but it came out sounding good.Also it gave a lot of detail of how Ana felt about her lost kitten.
    I also liked Sabina’s story because it has a lot of details.

  12. Your story made me feel good sherrie it was funny

  13. Amador Alvarez Says:

    Hey Natalie I like your story because it has a lot of detail.

  14. i liked natalis because it had detai and jennys also

  15. Francis soto Says:

    I liked Jennifer aguirre because it was like cute because she was like so worrided and gust was fals alarm and I also liked nelzy i Felt like i very cool story.


    I like PANCHO,STAR,and NATALIE because they wrote a good story.I also think they wrote about the heart and they made the story seemed like if it was in my face.

  17. I liked Jesse story because some of the parts were funny.It made me feel like I was really there.I think his story was great.I think your story started to come out good.I thought your story was funny.
    I like Joshes because he had alot of details.I think his story was aswome.
    I like dwaynes story because it was really interesting.

  18. I like Jennifer’s and Nelzy’s because it made me laugh.It made me laugh at the end of the end of the story

  19. i like sabrina’s story because it gives details.

  20. I liked your story Estrella. I liked your story Estrella because it was long and good.

  21. i like Estrella story because Ana learned a lesson and the lesson was to play more with her pets.I also like Natalie because it made me laugh because she says that you and it end’s.

  22. I like Sherrie story because it was funny.

  23. Eric your story was great because the little girl did find his kitten so the little girl Ana wasn’t sad at the end and she find her kitten fair .

  24. Your story made me laugh because it said they lived happily ever after and it sounds like a fantasy story by the way its 4 monce’s story!

    I liked your story sabrina because it was unusual. She ate chinese chicken and that was weird but for me weird is something good.

  25. Jennifer Aguirre Says:

    I like Natalie’s jennyG story because you rite allot of details and is interesting.

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