Mr. Garcia’s 5th Grade Class

maxlinuxpenguin1Mr. Garcia’s Class,

1. What game did you try to download?

2. Were you able to play it?

3. Would you recommend it to other students?


33 Responses to “Mr. Garcia’s 5th Grade Class”

  1. hi mr.garcias class

  2. i never even got to play my game. i think i would recomend it

  3. whats up evrybody

  4. I downloaded Pac Man.
    The game was fun.
    I was able to play it and downloaded good.

  5. I got to play not like m

  6. Pac-man
    No it didn’t work

  7. I downloaded Pac Man.
    I was able to play it.
    I would recommend it for others!

  8. 1. i had download pack man
    2.yes i were able to play it
    3.i would recommend it to the people in a higher level

  9. What game I downloaded was called Armagetron. Yes, I did get to play it but it took a while. I would want to recommend it because it was super fun.

  10. !!!!hey i got to play pac man it was amazing! i would totaly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Selena Torres Says:

    The game that I download was a game called mahjongg it is a game that you have to match tiles but if they are blocked you can not make a move. And yes I was able to play it and I finished the whole crab object. And yes I would recomend it for other students because it is a good thinking game for intelagence.

  12. ascend rules

  13. fhgasdfdsjiehtrierq7t jkdnvhkjdfag qerbvertf erflyn

  14. Emonee Green Says:

    1.i downloaded potato guy. 2. no i was not able to play yet. 3. yes i would recommend students to play.

  15. it was fun and i really enjoyed it alot. 🙂

  16. fernanda maya Says:

    the game that I put is faces is to fun .I like my game .

  17. Selena Torres Says:

    The game is very fun but I do not know how to spell it. yes

  18. now wat daimond

  19. my game was battleball yes i did play it no i don’t remenber

  20. hi mr.litt you are a nice teacher and also a very fun teacher . i really enjoyed having you as a teacher. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. I downloaded pacman.Yes i played it.No i wasent HELLO EVERY BOBY

  22. fernanda maya Says:

    I LIKE my game because is fun to play also is good

  23. Aliyah Tijaro Says:

    potato guy



  24. 1.the game i download is pacman

    2.for 1 minuite

    3.yes because its really fun to pla

    i really like to play pacman and i love to play games in the computer

  25. I try to download amzgetron . Yes i played it. that is a good game.

  26. I forgot what was the name of the game I download.I played on the computer.I recommend pacman.

  27. WaZ Up EVeRy bObY I LiKeD PaC MaN

  28. I play trigger and it was fun.

  29. the tiolet man

  30. i liked my game because it was so fun

  31. he tio ou elena

  32. the toilet girl

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