Mr. Garcia’s Class assignment 11/13

little-girl-with-shadowThis little girl’s name is Ana. Her grandmother gave her a kitten three days ago. This morning when she got up she could not find her kitten.

Imagine what she did when she woke up.

Where did she go? what did she do?

Write a very short story about her waking up and looking for her kitten. It should be at least 8 sentences long. Make the movie in your mind come to life by describing what she sees, touches, smells, feels.

You can make up any ending you want. You could use these sentence frames if you want:

“Ana woke up and____________, because_____________________.”

“Ana always__________________ when she woke up, but today she__________________.


30 Responses to “Mr. Garcia’s Class assignment 11/13”

  1. She looked everywhere she looked in her room and under the bed and she still didn’t find the kitten. So she started crying really loud. So her mom wanted her to feel better and stop crying. So the next day she put up signs . Then went back home and started crying again. So there was a mystery called and this old lady said I found your cat she almost got hit by a car. And the girl was dancing with joy.

  2. Ana woke up and found out that her kitten wasn’t there. It escaped from the room. Ana always would look in her room when she woke up. Today Ana didn’t look in her room because she had something else to do. The next day, Ana’s kitten meowed. Ana had heard the kitten. She kept on looking for the noise. It is about time she found her. The kitten was right behind the tree. The kitten was very hungry. Finally the last day was that the kitten was sleeping and had a great time.

  3. Ana woke up and could not find her kitten. She looked in her room but could not find the cat. She went out side and went down the street and could not find it. Then she went on her coumpter . Then her grandmother woke up and went to her room. She said where did your cat go. She said I will look for it. She went to look for it and could not find it. When she got back the girl had got her cat back. It was in the cabeint.

  4. Sidhartha Kali Taruc Says:

    When Ana woke up she couldn’t find here kitten. She looked everywhere but could not find it anywhere.
    “Whha Wha I can’t find my kitten,”cried Ana.
    She posted signs everywhere.
    “I can’t find it,” she pouted again.
    She loved that kitten very much. One day she hit her head and broke it. She got her kitten when she got out of the hospital.

  5. Ana woke up and she couldn’t find her kitten because the kitten ran away. She went outside and see if she was near the neighborhood. Ana and her mom put up some signs saying,” Have you seen a small kitten? When Ana went outside her and her mom were driving around she saw her kitten lying down on somebody’s porch.

  6. Ana woke up and looked around the house and then couldn’t find her because it ran away. Ana always woke up and saw her kitten laying down for her to wake up, but today she wasn’t there waiting for her to get up. So Ana went outside with her grandmother to look for her. They looked behind the trees, the bushes, and everywhere but still couldn’t find her. So they tried another thing and that was to make posters. So then they did and waited and waited. Finally this women found the kitten and gave it back to it’s owner. Then they were so happy to have the kitten back in her house.

  7. Selena torres Says:

    Once there was a little girl. Her grandmother gave her a kitten three days ago. And the next morning she woke up and did not find it. So she looked around her light green painted house for that small little kitten. She loved it so much. She had great times with her so she would not give up looking. So she asked her mom and dad if they had seen it. She asked them when and where was the last time they saw the kitten. Then she made flyers and she put a picture of the cat and posted them all over town. And then the grandmother was on her way home from the store and she saw the flyer and then she saw the kitten picked it up and took it home. She walked into the house and the little girl saw the kitten as she went to hug it she was thanking her grandmother. And that is the end of my story about a little girl losing and finding her kitten.

  8. Ana woke up and she didn’t saw her cat. Then she start to find it so she did. She star to put some posters. She had many days wet the cat. She always try to look for her. She try to find it. She almost find it she was sad . She saw it and she was happy.

  9. Ana woke up and could not find her kitten. She looked in her room but could not find the cat. She went out side and went down the street and could not fin it. Then she went on her cumpeter . Then her grandmother told her to go to her room. Then she told her grandmother that she will be rite back and then she left to fin her and I think she found it.

  10. One day a little girl named Ana was so happy because her grandma had give her a kitty sheloved it she played with it laugh with her and she love her kitty. One early morning she woke up really early looking for her kitten she ask her grandma if she had seen her kitty she said no ana went crying outside her cat and screaming she was saying were are you come back. She went around the neighborhood asking if they had seen a white cat they said no. she went really far away from her home looking for her kitty. Ana was in the middle of the street and a car ran over her. Her grandma went to look for Ana she fond her in the floor with blood. Her grandma called her parents . she had her lungs all cut she could die. Her grandma went to look for the cat it was were ana never look in her closet. Ana gre w she is 12 years old and her face was all burned she never liked her cat but it have past 7 years and the cat is still in closet with out eating for 7 years.

  11. Maria Hernandez Says:

    The little girl had a kitten. Her grandma gives it to her. She was very happy. The next morning she woke up and her kitten was not there. She probably thought that somebody had tucked it. Three mouths latter she still was looking for the kitten. She got very happy because her mom got her a nether kitten

  12. !!!!!!!THE GIRL that couldn’t find her kitten!!
    Once there was a little girl that lost her kitten. Her name was Anna. She was supper sad because her grandma got her that kitten 3 days ago! What Anna did is she called her mom and told her that her kitten was missing, her mom rushed to work to make fliers of it!!! On the paper it said… missing kitten call 875-9052 if see her please call!! The next morning the phone went ring, ring, then her mom picked up the phone and said hello. Then the person said she found the kitten. So right away they got there shoes and the coats and ran to go pick up the kitten. When they got to where they were going pick her up Anna ran towards the kitten and she hugged the kitten and she said kitty I will never lose you again then they went back home really, really happy.
    !!!!!!!The End!!!!!!!!

  13. When Ana woke up and didn’t see her kitten, she felt sad. Ana told her parents that she could not find her kitten. So then her parents went around the block and went looking for it. They could not find it so then they stop looking for it. Ana was crying. The parents told their friends that live around. She kept looking for it. Ana checked every were in the house and outside. She went to sleep. Her cat just jumped out of the closet. It slept in there for two day. Ana was very happy.

  14. The little girl got up and she went out side and tride to fined her little kitty. Some of the people tride to help the little girl. The people helped the kitty to fine that kitty. The little girl put some pousters and look for the little kitty. Alot of people liked that kitty. The people miss the kitty. The people went out and look fore the kitty. The little girl’s frends look fore here=little kitty.

  15. Ana woke up and she saw that her kitten was gone. Her kitten went to the outer space. She went with a space helmet that feels like a paper bag. She also went with a bottle of milk . The milk smelt like green apple. The kitten had a space ship. That ship tasted like chocolate. Then Ana found her after that. THE END

  16. Ana woke up and she did not see her cat. Then she started to look for it. She couldn’t find it. She was telling people if they had seen her cat. She was waiting to see if her cat came back. She was craing. She really liked that cat. The cat is lost. Then it whent back home.

  17. When Ana woke up, she didn’t see her kitten. She was upset. She asked her grandmother about it and she said no. She was worried about her kitten. So she went looking for it. She pended hoers looking for it. She finaly found it .She was so happy.

  18. There is a little girl that she was look for a little kitten. I think that the little kitten she got lost and she was sad about the little girl can be to sad . Also the little girl name is Ana. The little kitten she eat milk maybe the car got the kitten she dead .The little girl was to sad. Also maybe she is going to be sad. Also her family I s to sad about they are sad about the little cat. Also I think the that she is going to get a little cat.

  19. One day the grandmother of Ana gave her a cat. At the next morning she did not find her cat. So she went all over the place to find her cat. She put sighns if the people find her. When she remember her cat she starts crying. The parents of Ana take her to the park if the cat was there. They went to a other park and tha cat was there Ana was so happy. EVERY ONE WAS HAPPY

  20. i like the part when jose said that when the cat went back home

  21. alaina story made me feel good because when ana

    i like alaina’s story because she had heard her cat meawed

  22. i like your story because somebody was different from all of the other ones

  23. i like the story that says she went to look for her kitten because it shows that ana really cared about her kitten.

  24. i think that the story that says she got a news kitten shows me that anna wants another cat. i also like the story that says the cat drinks milk because that gives us details from it.

  25. i think that Ana story is cainof sad because she put something that she remainher about her animal and then she said that she found a kitten .what i think about chavita storyis is that he work hardrer and he at the end that the little girl found her kitten.i think that fernada story was to good and then she said that her freind lost herr kitten.

  26. there is a little girl and her name is Ana and she have a little cat she got lost. Also there was a time when Jasiel she have cat but she dead.

  27. I like alaina’s store because i like how it started.I like how arianna told about when the little girl look for the kitty. I like alvin story because i like how it starded.

  28. I like when Jose said that the little girl was finding the cat. I also like when Carlos said that the little girl woke up look for the little kitten. I also like when Chavita said that the little girl wake up and she did not saw the cat.

  29. I lake when Jose said that ana was craing because she reli lake the cat.
    I lake when carlos said that when she got up and find the litte cat.
    I lake when Chavita said that ana loke for the cat.

  30. I like the way that Ariana restponded to the story that they asked us to wright. That when the cat came back the girl staret to dans. I also liked chavitas because when the girl saw her cat she got happy. Carlos said that the girl frands looked for the cat.45

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