Mr. Kanani’s Class Assignment 11/17


This little girl’s name is Ana. Her grandmother gave her a kitten three days ago. This morning when she got up she could not find her kitten.

Imagine what she did when she woke up.

Where did she go? what did she do?

Write a very short story about her waking up and looking for her kitten. It should be at least 8 sentences long. Make the movie in your mind come to life by describing what she sees, touches, smells, feels.

You can make up any ending you want. You could use these sentence frames if you want:

“Ana woke up and____________, because_____________________.”

“Ana always__________________ when she woke up, but today she__________________.


22 Responses to “Mr. Kanani’s Class Assignment 11/17”

  1. Ana woke up and didn’t brush her teeth because she couldn’t find her kitten. Ana always brushes her teeth but when she woke up today she couldn’t find her kitten. She went outside but she still couldn’t find her kitten. She searched under the couch,in the kicthen, in her mom’s room,and the last place she wouldn’t think but her room. But it still was not there. She was going to ask her mom if she seen her but her mom wasn’t there as well. So she asked her dad but her was still sleeping. Later on that day her mom came back from the store and the kitten was with her mom. She was so happy that she didn’t lose her kitten and finally stopped crying.

  2. When Ana woke up her cat was gone.She asked her grandma where is my cat?Her grandma said I don’t know.She went outside and started hanging up posters.She asked the people if they have seen her cat.She started looking for her cat but she couldn’t find it.She heard a meow she started running.she finally found her cat.

  3. Ana woke up and ate a hot pocket. A minute later she went the floss her teeth of any food stuck in her teeth. When she got out of the bathroom she was going to play with her kitten but it got lost for all the sudden. She went to look under her bed and in her parents. She went to tell her parents and they could not find the kitten any were. The next day her parents used the computer to used pictures and wrote up text to post around the city of Oakland. The third day some one from Sacramento found the kitten and the parents were surprised of the kitten ending up over there. Now Ana was so happy to see her kitten she will never lose it again.

  4. Ana left looking for her kitten that she lost after her grand mother gave her so she went in to the woods and her kitten was stuck in a tree,and she was very sad because she couldn’t get her kitten down.Her parents were sick to their stomach because they couldn’t find her. Ana’s kitten dropped and she cought it and her parents found her ,and they huged each other and told her never leave agin

  5. Ana woke up and she felt sad because her kitten was gone. Ana every time she saw it she played with it and they where happy but the next day she woke up and she did not see her kitten she looked every place on her house . she could not find it. she got so sad that she ran to the street and she stated to smelled something funny she ran to look for it and she did founded but dead . she was sad and she said i don’t want a pet ever again .

  6. Ana thought cat went to look for the mom and dad .Ana went to the forest and saw a bear.She was scared and started to run.She went out the forest and that is when the bear stoped to case her.She was very sad. The cat just wannted to have some freedom.The dog was hoping the girl will come and pick her up .The cat got lost .The girl got lost .Then one day they found each other under the brig and went home! THE END
    TO BE CONTENUED……………….

  7. Anna woke up and couldn’t find her kitten so she started to look for her kitten. She looked around her neighborhood to see if her kitten would be around there.Her kitten wasn’t there so she started to look down the hill from where she lived. The kitten was at the backyard which was down the hill at the other side from where Anna was at. Anna was tired so she took a brake to get some water. She felt the cold, hard and shiny water fountain. While she was around there she could smell the fresh aroma of chinese food. She was looking out of the window and they saw her cute face. They couldn’t resist it so they gave her free food. She felt the warm and fresh taste of the chinese chicken. She came home and she was really suprised. She found out that her kitten was near by all along. So she started to play with her kitten.

  8. Ana woke up and didn’t find her cats? Ana went to different places to find her cat. She saw people and she ask them have you sen any cats. The people said,”No. She went to other places and she didn’t give up. Ana was very sad and tired. She left so sad and mad because she couldn’t find her cats.

  9. ”Ana woke up and her kitten was gone.Ana was looking around she was sad.Ana was crying because she didn’t find her kitten .Ana went to her grandmother and tell her want happen .Ana found his kitten dead and she was every sad . I kmow how does it feels because is so sad losing your pet.

  10. When Ana woke up she could not find her cat anywhere. I think the kitten went up into a tree so high up. What I think Ana did was try looking for her kitten and if she didn’t find her kitten she would cry so much. She wouldn’t even stop.One day she heard a cat meowing on top or the roof. So she looked on top of the roof and that was her kitten. Ana went to go get a ladder to go up the roof. So now she is on top of the roof. She got her kitten and got down and started to play with her kitten

  11. When Ana woke up she couldn’t find her kitten. She looked all over for it but she didn’t fain. She did not stop crying her grandmother felt really bad so she took her out to look for it.She wen crazy for it a week later she still was sad. she sat in the porch every day hopping that it will come back. One day she lost hope but right wen she was walking in she herd her cat she thought it couldn’t be. She said to her self maybe am just so tierd am hearing noises. She kept hearing noises she turn around and saw her cat. She rand tors it grabed it. Now every day she plays with it and takes good care of it.

  12. Amador Alvarez Says:

    When Ana woke up she couldn’t find her cat because she left at night. Then Ana started to cry because Ana did not find her. The next day she told her grandmother and she was sad too. Then she gave a present to Ana and it was her cat. Ana was so happy that she told her grandmother that she will do the best to take care of her.

  13. I think Ana went every were to find her kitten. I would of also gone to find the kitten because a someone in her family gave it to her. I think her little kitten sow a dog and started to follow the dog. And when the dog got far the kitten got lost. If I were her I would put up sine. When the girl got up she asked her grand mother to if she sow it like in the early morning. But she never sow the kitten that day.

  14. I think the little girl Ana went to the street to find her kitten but the little girl didn’t know where she was going. Then the little girl gave up so she wanted to go home. But then there were two tracks and she didn’t know where she go so she guest that she went the left side then she saw a house. Then she saw her house.

  15. The little girl got a cat and she loved the cat because her grandmother gave it to her. When the little girl found out that her cat was gone she was very sad . She was sleeping and she woke up and she was going to take her cat for a walk but her cat was not there. Her cat got ran over by a truck and it got squish. The little girl put up sings about her cat. When she found out she cry for 3 weeks. No one can make her stop. In till they bought her 3 cats.

  16. When the girl wakes up she didn’t saw her kitten. Ana went running to find her kitten. Then the girl fell down and the girl start to bleed. Ana went to her moms house and told her my cat is not there. So she called the police.

  17. I think Ana went to look for her kittens in the streets. I think the cats went to another house because in the night there cold they gust want to rest. The pore girl was so sad because she thought very horrabel things. She thought a car ran over them people found them and sold them to a another person. The kittens felt sad also and alone they were at a animal shelter they thought they were never going to see her again. But Ana never thought of a animal shelter. the kittens waited and waited but one day she looked and looked and at least found them.

  18. Ana woke up and This morning when she got up she could not find her kitten becausei it ran away.

    “Ana always hugged her kitten when she woke up, but today she didn’t hug her kitten because it ran away. She went outside to look for her kitten, and she couldn’t find that kitten. She told her mom the cats not there, she was sad because the cats not no more, and her grandma had given it to her.

  19. Ana woke up and she was looking for her cat,she started to cray because she didn’t found the kitten. The she went to asked her mom and her mom didn’t sow the kitten. Her mom was going to the store to buy some food to the kitten. Her mom ask Ana that what happen to her kitten and she didn’t now what then she went to her grandmother room and the kitten was slip on her grandmother bed.

  20. There was a girl call Ana she lost her kitten in the morning.when Ana woke up she could not found her kitten she looked under her bed in her room all over house. Ana was really sad she ran away from her house just to look for her kitten. after Ana came back and while she was walking she saw her kitten. Like she saw her kitten she started running and her kitten got scar he ran. When her mom came from work she was asking her neighbor’s “where is Ana? no body new where was Ana. Ana’s mom started walk and she saw Ana she said’,Ana come over here.Ana told her mom she was looking for her kitten.Ana’s mom said’, tell your grandmother to give you another one. her mom went to the store and found Ana’s kitten.she gave it to her Ana and they lived happy for ever.

  21. Ana woke up early and wanted to feed the kitten so she called his name but the kitten didn’t came.She tried to call it again but all what she could hear is a cricket.She looked under the bed, in the backyard,in the living room, and also in the kittens bed.She called her mom and her mom told her if she checked at the back yard of our neighbor’s house?Ana replied why would Bella be at their house? Don’t you know that there backyard is bigger and Bella has more space so she can roll around the grass that’s why in the morning she goes there.Thanks mom as Ana ran to the Stewarts house Ms.Stewart may i get my kitten hes in your back yard yes you can.I grabbed my kitten and left it turns out he wanted to play with someone the end.

  22. Ana went running to mother and told her that she can not find her kitten. Then her mother called her grandmother and told her, “if she have the kitten that you gave Ana three days ago?”Then her grandmother said, “Why?”Then her mother said, “No,she can’t find the kitten.”Her grandmother said,” Oh no the mother cat is missing to,I will be there in a couple of seconds to find both of them.” Then Ana and her mother went outside to wait for her grandmother.
    When her grandmother got there she said lets go to the park since it is close to your house.So they went to the park to look for the mom cat and the baby kitten.When they went to the park they weren’t there.So they went to look around the block to see if they were there but they weren’t there.Ana felt so sad because she likes playing with her kitten.Her mom and grandmother told her not to feel sad because they are sure that they will find it by today.Ana told her mom are sure?Her mom said Of course.Then Ana said could we go look at the park again because the first time we went to go look there we didn’t look right.So they went to go look there ,but this time they looked through the bushes and when Ana went to go look in one bush there they were.Ana was so happy that she found her kitten.When she found them she went running to her mom.Then her grandmother told her why would the mom cat run away to. Then Ana said maybe because they miss each other.Then her grandmother said you can have the mom cat.Ana said that you.

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